The world’s most experienced printed circuit broker. Delivering 22 million circuits a year.
Elmatica was founded in 1971 and is the oldest broker of Printed Circuits in the world.
We complete our partners purchasing process and we ensure that the requirements, standards, regulations and specifications are understood and implemented.
Elmatica has since 1971 sourced over 680 manufacturers. We believe in close cooperation with our manufacturing partners, based on trust, respect, and open communication. Of the 16 approved manufacturers, 4 has status as preferred.
Elmatica is a partner in the entire purchasing process from consulting, design, material selection, manufacturing selection, production monitoring, logistics and claims handling. Based on these requirements we have divided printed circuits manufacturing into seven industry categories; Defence, Civil Aviation, Automotive, Medical, Automation, Telecommunication, Energy.
For Turkey, we are in mostly defense industry and recently medical industry for now.
We have divided the defense industry into five subcategories: Ground Based Systems, Naval Systems, Air Systems, Missile Systems, Simulation and Training, and deliver PCBs to them all.


• Conventional Mulitlayer technology
• HDI technology
• Rigid Flex technology
• Flexible PCB technology
• Sophisticated materials
• Multiple surface finishes
• Flex materials, adhesive and nonadhesive based


• Elmatica database with more than 250 laminates
• All standard materials
• Polyimide materials
• Ceramic filled materials
• PTFE materials
• Aluminium and Copper based MPCB
• IMS with Thermal conductivity from 1 to 8W/m°K
• Thin core (standard cores down to 50 um)
• Semiflex FR-4 laminates
• Layer count up to 70+
• Linewidth and space down to 50 micron
• PCB thickness up to 10 mm
• Mechanically drilled holes down to 0,1 mm
• Microvia holes down to 0,05 mm
• Blind, buried, filled/overplated, conductive filled holes.


ITAR/DFAR Compliant, NADCAP (AS 7003), SC21, ESA,
MIL-PRF-31032/31032GI, MIL-PRF-55110/55110G
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